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Directory Introduction

The attached listings include Albuquerque Music Teachers, who have accepted the opportunity to bring information on their studios, teaching credentials, and teaching strengths to the music learning community. The information in the alphabetical listing of individual members includes the name of each teacher, designated area of primary teaching expertise, zip code location, contact information and specific professional associations which which the teacher is affiliated. Each listing can also include a more comprehensive description of the teacher, which is continued in an individual web page which is available to provide an extensive description of the teacher and studio.

The Affiliated organizations to which listed members belong include the following:


The Music Teachers National Association is largest organization of independent music teachers in the United States. Virtually all MTNA members in New Mexico are also members of Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico, Inc. (PMTNM) the state affiliation of MTNA. Many PMTNM members have also elected to join The Albuquerque Music Teachers Association (AMTA).   Nationally Certified Teachers of Music (designated as NCTM) have met standards of excellence set by MTNA in designated teaching specialities.


      The New Mexico Federation of Music Clubs is affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs. Santa Fe Opera, Taos School of Music, UNM Music School Faculty, UNM Music Students, Encore! Senior Fine Arts Club, and Encore! Junior Fine Arts Clubs are all member groups of NFMC. The New Mexico affiliate sponsors the Festival program, in April to provide an opportunity for piano students to be evaluated in a non-competitive environment by professional adjudicators. Outstanding performers are selected to participate in a succeeding recital.


The National Piano Guild ( a division of the American College of Musicians ) is the largest non-profit organization devoted to piano teachers and students. The guild is active in Albuquerque where its primary function is to extablish definite goals and awards - in noncompetative auditions - for piano students at all levels.


The New Mexico Music Educators Association is dedicated to Scolastic Music Education. Many of these 550 classroom educators are available to teach private lessons in singing and the performace of band and orchestra instruments. NMMEA is affiliated with National Association of Music Education (NAƒNE) with website located at


The independent web page for each teacher is an important source of information. In addition to address and more comprehensive contact information, most include descriptions of educational background, studio information, and areas of teaching interest and expertise. In addition to the individual web pages, many teachers have information on other websites. Outside websites include or other schools. Additionally, a number of teachers sponsor their own personal website which provide a much more comprehensive picture than available in the pages in this site. Links to outside websites are activated by double clicking on the name of the individual teacher:   Teacher Name .

NOTICE: The teacher listings in this website are the property of Maestro Music, Inc. and may not be copied or used for solitations or other unauthorized purpose.