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          The Affiliated Music Teachers of Albuquerque website sponsors a unique directory available to All Music Teachers in Central New Mexico who provide private music study. The directory includes an extensive amount of information from a rich selection of teachers who teach piano, voice or vocal, guitar, composition, violin, and music theory.

          The majority of Music Teachers in Albuquerque will variously be members of, or affiliated with MTNA, Federation, Guild, ASTA, NATS, or NMMEA. Membership in a professional organization is an attribute, and frequently provides learning and performing opportunities for students of music, but it is not necessarily a requirement for teaching excellence.

          The master Directory of music teachers is designed to provide information to any person wishing to learn more about the availability of teaching specialists for potential students wishing to attain an understanding and mastery of music. Information in this music teacher website describes the many attributes of the teachers listed   An informative directory of music teachers includes mini-resumés of affiliation members.   Also listed are individual member websites containing added detail about music education, performance experience, music studio information, and study recommendations for learning voice, piano, violin, or other instrumental specialization.  

          The website is enhanced by business partners.   Sponsors of the website include Music Mart, the largest sheet music dealer in New Mexico and the Southwest, The Dennis Alexander Piano Competition, sponsored by nationally reknown composer Dennis Alexander, and Albuquerque Piano and Organ Service, celebrating its 40th year of service to piano owners in New Mexico. Knowledge, understanding, and access to these sources of musical growth is an important component of the musical experience.

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